The global construction industry accounts for between 10-15% of GDP in most industrialized countries. There are about 300 million employees in the sector.

The construction industry today has problems with sustainability, safety and efficiency with high accident rates in the workplace. Overall, there is great potential for improvement.

The combined savings potential with changed behavior and improved attitudes about health, safety and efficiency is enormous.

Twinsite aims to make it easier for the construction industry to quickly increase employee skills and change behavior for the better.

The first Twinsite-based training has been delivered to hundreds of construction workers on construction sites, rental depots and office premises in Sweden.


In close collaboration with subject matter experts from the construction sector, equipment manufacturers and researchers in medicine, Twinsite has developed the Twinsite Accelerated Learning Concept – Accelerated Learning for the Construction Industry.

Our educational model is based on strong pedagogical basic principles such as experience-based learning, personal commitment, interaction and communication.

Welcome to one of our competence centers to experience Twinsite Accelerated Training for yourself.